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Our Client Reviews

Mark E

Jan, 2023 (Oviedo, FL)

I’ve had ED for 5 yrs. struggling in the bedroom with my wife. I tried pills that didn’t work and that gave me bad headaches and blurred vision. My wife scheduled an appointment with THE FIRM and now our sex life is terrific. We’re grateful.

Tim M

Feb, 2023 (Orlando, FL)

I was on pills and injections for the last 3 yrs. My wife and I got frustrated of planning out our sex life and I couldn’t take the side effects of the pills and the pain of injecting myself. The Firm evaluated me and put me on a treatment plan, no side effects, no needles and great results within a few weeks. My wife and I Thank You very much.

Lois S

March, 2023 (Sanford, FL)

My husband has had ED for many years. He tried pills, in the beginning they did okay for him, then they stopped working. I made an appointment with The Firm that we both went to and after completing the therapy, his health, sex life and our relationship are All strong again. Thank you to The Firm Men’s Clinic.


February, 2024 (Kansas, MS)

The first session was EXTREMELY INFORMATIVE and all my questions were answered to my satisfaction. The atmosphere of the treatment area was always inviting and non-threatening. The professionalism of the staff was genuine and very heartfelt. This experience has been amazing and the improvement in my condition has been very satisfying.

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